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Terry’s Vision and Leadership

Terry Wiley knows we can have Peace AND Justice. It is not a choice of one, or the other. Our residents demand and deserve both.

He believes the way we bring peace back to our streets is to make sure we have one system of justice for everyone. Not one for people of color and another for white people. Not one for the rich and one for the poor. One system – fair to everyone and protecting everyone.

He knows justice starts by making sure our police and prosecutors serve every single person in this community the same way. That’s why when the Alameda District Attorney’s Office needed a prosecutor to take on the infamous Riders case – he stepped forward to hold law enforcement accountable.

As head of the division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at the DA’s office – his mission is to make sure the DA’s office looks like the communities it serves.

Terry knows there are some people who think that as we work to fix the mistakes of the past – like the terrible record of mass incarceration – that we will make our communities less safe. As a 30-year champion of justice – he knows we can have safety and justice.

Terry understands - When people can count on cops, and prosecutors and judges to treat them fairly – we will all share a safer community.

When we give people back their lives by clearing wrongful convictions or even unnecessary convictions like old non-violent drug offenses – that makes us all safer.

When we give our families back their fathers – that makes us all safer.

One justice for everyone and the same right to safety for everyone. That is Terry’s cause. Join us to fight for ONE Justice!

Terry’s fight for criminal justice reform starts with five key policy principles:

·      Implementing progressive policies. We need services, not sentences for many of the non-violent, property crimes and crimes of desperation. The root causes of these cases are from addiction, mental-illness, and poverty. The District Attorney’s office should not and will not be the front door to mass incarceration. 

·     Ensuring the safety of the community from violent criminals:  In our new “Crime Strategies Unit” experienced prosecutors will be part of a more proactive, data-driven approach to crime-fighting. The most violent offenders in Alameda County will be the focus of our intelligence-driven prosecution team, where prosecutors harness, analyze, and share intelligence to craft proactive strategies that address specific crime trends and target priority offenders.

Prosecutors will partner with investigators, community liaisons, and intelligence analysts to identify crime trends and opportunities to reduce and prevent crime by improving the timely and accurate sharing of criminal intelligence gathered not only by our Office, but from other law enforcement agencies as well.

·      Transparency of the District Attorney’s office. We must provide the data about which charges prosecutors decline to pursue, or which sentences they request to be able to properly reform the criminal justice system. This transparency will be an important step toward increasing the confidence that communities have in the criminal justice system by helping to ensure that justice is attained in the fairest ways possible.

·      Battling implicit bias. We must provide training and oversight of police to root out implicit bias in how they approach their job and interactions with residents. This includes education and training requirements for new hires and continuing education and training throughout their law enforcement career.

·      Environmental Justice.  We must protect the environment by holding corporations accountable for polluting communities with illegal dumping and hazardous waste. Our communities, and particularly our communities of color, are suffering the most.

Terry Wiley greeting Willie Brown. Brown served over 30 years in the California State Assembly, spending 15 years as its speaker. He later became mayor of San Francisco and was the first African American to hold that office.



My name is Terry Wiley

I am Assistant District Attorney with the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office in Oakland, CA. I have been with the District Attorney’s Office for 30 years serving as the Head of the Felony Trial Team, Head of our Nationally recognized Juvenile Division, and the first African American to head our Recruiting and Attorney Development Division. I currently lead the Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. I have prosecuted some of the most complex criminal cases in California, including the largest police corruption case in Bay Area history, known as the “Rider’s Case,” where police officers were accused of planting evidence on people, beating suspects, and falsifying police reports.

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